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    Training Days – What to bring for you and your dog

    These are items needed for each training day: For your Dog: Place Boards (If you have them) Plastic Whistle (not metal) with lanyard NO silent whistles 20′ to 30′ Check Cord 4′ to 6′ Leash Prong Collar known as Pinch Collar (not a choke chain) Stake Out Chain or Kennel Water and Bowl Treats  (For Training) Clicker (If that is your training method)   For Handler: […]

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    Membership Form

    Membership Form 2016 Mail the completed form with $50.00 yearly membership fee or $500.00 lifetime membership fee to: Steve Ackers 2624 Chuckanut Street Eugene, OR 97408 Make checks payable to G.V.H.R.C.