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About Green Valley Hunting & Retriever Club

Club Profile

The Green Valley Hunting and Retriever Club membership consists of families who love spending time working and training their canine family member. The club focuses on building a friendly training atmosphere, with the goal of improving the working ability of your dog. We’re also an official UKC/HRC organization and we hold a licensed HRC hunt test each May.


The Green Valley Hunting and Retriever Club regularly puts on club training days that allow the handler and his dog to better train for hunt tests and actual hunting situations. They also provide the inexperienced handler the opportunity to meet with others and exchange information and ideas about how to better train their retriever or upland bird dog. Club Fun Hunts are also held. They work just like a licensed hunt test but do not offer the handler and his retriever or upland dog the opportunity to obtain points towards a title. Team competitions, trap shoots and weekend events are scheduled throughout the year as well.


Annual dues are $50 per family (and all family members are encouraged to participate in our events). Club dues are used to purchase training equipment, birds, shotgun shells, and to defray other costs associated with training. First-time owners will receive assistance in obedience training, step-by-step assistance with lining and handling drills, controlled quartering and trailing for upland game with steadiness to flush and shot rounding out the all-purpose working dog. If members want to focus on a particular area of training with their dog, club members are encouraged to work with each other to enhance the abilities of their dog.

Club Events

The club meets one Sunday each month from February through August for training sessions, hunt tests and other activities. Yearly banquets are held as well to recognize the achievements and growth of members, as well as the hard work put in by the many volunteers that keep the club running.


The Green Valley Hunting & Retriever Club publishes a monthly club newsletter from March though September. This publication keeps members up to date on upcoming functions and provides the official results of club events.


A well-trained retriever or upland dog is a key component of conservation. A good bird dog is able to track and recover more game than a hunter working alone. As a team, the handler and dog can work together to recover game that the dog did not see fall. With the handler directing the dog to the game via hand, voice, and whistle commands the dog can retrieve game from otherwise inaccessible places, even game taken by other hunting parties.