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GVHRC June Training Day

June 11, 2023

Remember: May training day is Sunday, June 11th.  Hope to see you there!

  • Set-up: starting at 7:45
  • Registration: 8:15-9:00
  • Start time: 9:00 AM

There will be *six* different training group options this year – something for everyone and for dogs of all breeds and skill levels. The fee structure for these groups will be:

  • Foundations group (puppies/new dogs): $20
  • Intermediate pointers: $25
  • Pointer braces: $25
  • Upland hunting class: $20 ($5 additional fee, if also in another group)
  • Intermediate retrievers: $20
  • Advanced retrievers: $20


Coyote Creek Retrievers
83574 Territorial Hwy
Eugene, Oregon 97405


From the South: Creswell (Oregon Ave) to Camas Swale to Hamm Road to Territorial Road. Turn right on Territorial go about 4 miles and destination will be on the left. Look for the GVHRC dog sign.

From Randy Pape Beltline/OR 569 W: W. 11th to Greenhill Road. Turn left. Greenhill to Crow Road. Stay on Crow Road until it intersects with Territorial (about 8 miles). Left on Territorial about 5 miles to your destination on the right. Look for GVHRC dog sign.

Training group details:

*Foundations Group – Join this training group to establish foundational gun dog skills such as: come/here, heel, sit or whoa to verbal and whistle commands, place (go to place-board and stay until released), and kennel.  Includes introduction to birds and to retrieving.  The group is for puppies and for dogs who have not yet mastered these skills.*Intermediate Pointers – This training group will build off of foundational work to develop steadiness on birds and to introduce backing (i.e., honoring another dog on point). Members of this group will determine their individual goals and will develop a plan each month to progress with their dog.  This group will use quail and homing pigeons for bird work.

*Pointer Braces – Participants in this group will have the opportunity to run their dogs in the field on planted quail.  Individuals can choose to have the bird locations marked (and can opt to keep their dog on a check-cord) OR they can choose to run their dog in a competition-style brace (pair of dogs).   Mentors will be available to help with training and questions. Participants may run their dog(s) again – for an additional fee – after all dogs get their first run, if we have left over birds and if time allows. This group will use quail for bird work.

*Upland Class – For all types of dogs – Flushers, Retrievers, and Pointers – working in upland hunting scenarios. From basic to more advanced work depending on individual handlers’ needs. Remote launchers will be used with homing pigeons. Harnessed and clipped wing pigeons may also be available. Participants could work on sit/stop-to-flush, steadiness on birds, backing, or a specific problem to address such as a dog mouthing its birds. **Participants with more seasoned dogs can join this group after lunch as an “add on” to another group – e.g., intermediate or advanced retrievers**

*Intermediate Retrievers – This group is for dogs who have mastered basic skills such as sit, heel, and here/come, who are able to retrieve a bumper on land and water, and who have been exposed to gun fire and other dogs.  Dogs will work on a variety of intermediate-level retriever drills.*Advanced Retrievers – This group is for dogs with a higher standard of obedience off lead and who are progressing beyond intermediate-level retriever work. These dogs should be able to: mark and retrieve multiple bumpers and/or birds (land and water), whistle sit and handle to a simple blind, complete a T- Pattern, Swim By, and Wagon Wheel. Force fetch and e-collar conditioning are highly recommended at this level.  Dogs in this group will work on more advanced retriever drills.

What to Bring:

Lunch, Chair, Boots (wet, muddy fields), Rain Gear, Gloves, Hunter Orange (for field work), Safety glasses, Gun (#8 shot), Hunting License, Stakeout Chain or Kennel, Water, Whistle, Pinch  Collar, Leash, Check Cord, Dog Treats, Place Boards if you have them. And of course your dog!

Safety/Legal reminders

  • Always practice safe firearm handling.
  • If shooting, need valid hunting license.
  • Break-open shotguns only (for pointer field work)
  • #7.5, #8, #9 size shot only.
  • Must wear blaze orange in the field.
  • Honor any safe zones at properties.
  • Please exercise caution with unfamiliar dogs (esp. important for kids).

Questions? Email [email protected]

UNUSED BIRDS AT THE END OF THE EVENT WILL BE FOR SALE ($10 for bobwhite quail, $5 for Tibetan quail).  Bring cash if you need birds. You must bring your own cage, box or carrier for transport.


June 11, 2023