Training Days – What to bring for you and your dog

These are items needed for each training day:

For your Dog:

Place Boards (If you have them)

Plastic Whistle (not metal) with lanyard

NO silent whistles

20′ to 30′ Check Cord

4′ to 6′ Leash

Prong Collar or Pinch Collar (not a choke chain)

Stake Out Chain or Kennel

Water and Bowl

Treats  (For Training)

Clicker (If that is your training method)

For Handler:



Water or Other Drink

Boots (Muddy, Wet Conditions)

Rain Gear


Hunter Orange to wear in the field

Safety Glasses

Gun (#8 Shot)

Appropriate Training Fee

If you plan on gunning or shooting at any time you need a current hunting license.